Al Barij International LLC    البارج الدوليه ش.م.م

Under the name Barij Business Services, we can offer the following services to you and your business:

Company Formations

We can assist our clients with all types of commercial set ups in Oman and abroad. Within Oman we have experience is setting up Branch Companies, Limited Liability Companies, SAOCs and SAOGs. Internaitonally, we have a tie up with some of the worlds largest service providers who can set up companies all over the world including off-shore companies.  

Corporate Finance

We provide financial advisory services and access to capital resources to assist clients to buy, sell and finance businesses.  As a boutique investment advisory firm serving middle market business we deal with private corporate clients as well as public companies. We work alongside management teams, shareholders, private equity investors, privately owned businesses and middle market businesses on all aspects of corporate finance transactions, from mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and company sales to management buy-outs (MBOs) and fundraising transactions.

Our corporate finance activities include but are not limited to:

    Mergers & acquisitions
    Buying & selling of Companies
    Management buy outs and buy ins
    Raising venture capital funding
    Corporate Finance strategies
    Divestments & exit planning

Private Equity

As one of the leading private equity firms in Oman, we specialize in buy-outs of businesses that are under-performing or in need of a change in direction.  We invest not only our own funds in these businesses but also, if required, bring with us strategic co-investors who have a long track record of successful investing with us.  We create value for those businesses and our co-investors by delivering improved strategy, operations and management.   

Our current portfolio includes companies in diverse industries, acquired in a range of corporate divestitures, and transactions with private sellers.  We operate each portfolio company independently with the goal of creating long-term, sustainable value.

Project Development

We provide professional services to local and international clients for development of new projects. This includes starting from an idea and concept to reality.

Our services include pre-feasibility study, feasibility study, business plan, investing with or without co-investors, company formation, government licensing and permits, financing and the commencement of business.

ABI acts as a lead manager and/or Founder shareholder for setting up new projects in areas of financial services, industry, real estate, travel and tourism etc. ABI has the expertise to develop an entire project from an idea on a drawing board to an operating entity. This function includes preparing financial and technical feasibility studies; sourcing and negotiating with international technical partners, obtaining commitments from investors, company formation, assisting in obtaining funding and project implementation.

Sponsorship & Trust Services

Finding a reliable, trustworthy sponsor for your business in Oman can be a daunting task. We can provide all types of sponsorship as required by our clients on their terms with necessary security in place to protect everyone's interest. Al Barij currently sponsors numerous ventures in Oman and offers a wide range of trust services. 

PRO Services

Most formalities require a public relation officer (PRO) to execute the task in hand and navigate the minefield of Omani rules and regulations. Our team of PROs can provide assistance on any matter when liaising with government authorities and ministries.

Visa Assistance

We can provide assistance with obtaining visas for your company.

Corporate Planning

We can assist your business with their corporate planning when doing business in Oman, including market studies, business plans business development, and strategy. 

Retail Advisory

We can advise retail businesses with the best way to implement their products and brands within the GCC markets and we can assist them with all aspects including, feasibility studies, finding investment and sponsors, project development and brand recognition. 

Negotiation Assistance

We can assist your business with any commercial negotiations.

Tender Assistance

We are registered with the Tender Board in Oman and we can assist you and your company with the tendering process for government projects in Oman.

Document Drafting Assistance

We have vast experience in drafting and negotiating commercial documents in Oman and abroad.  

Closing Special Situations

We can assist clients with closing any unique situation in Oman or assisting them with one-off transactions which require local precense and knowledge.